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Below is a document outlining the UKMTF Gym Membership Terms & Conditions and also our Membership Development Plan.

Becoming a Gym Member

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Firstly, Decide on the status or class of show that you want to promote, whether A, B, C, or Novice Class.

Identify & locate a suitable venue for your show, this will be influenced by the class of show you have, and how many bouts you intend to have on it (find out the capacity of the venue for this type of sporting event).

When you decide on the final number of bouts you want, make sure that you take into account the fact that some bouts will fail to materialise for one reason or another.

See UKMF Guidelines for class of show & ring size requirements.

Approaching sponsors? This is the best way of helping to finance your promotion and reduce the risk of operating at a financial loss. Look at the types of businesses that sponsor other shows you have attended, and more importantly, those that haven’t. As part of your offer to them, emphasise what they will get in return for their sponsorship. (With this in mind different packages can accommodate various levels of sponsorship)

Throughout this time, matchmaking will need to be on-going, aside from your main event bouts, as your main fight card must be submitted seven days in advance and any title fights must be agreed well before to ensure they are legitimate.

The UKMF will give you advice throughout this process if you require it and we can put you in touch with other UKMF members who have a wide and varied promotional experience, and they will only be too glad offer positive advice which will help you.


Sanctioning & Officials: Louis Meschia: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Requirements For Your Show

All participating gyms who are on the fight card must have all of their competing fighters licenced three weeks prior to the show.

(This is your responsibility to inform them as there will be a £10 surcharge inaddition to the standard fee if licences have to be processed on the day)

Any Gyms with fighters who are contesting a UKMF title on the show must have a current UKMF Gym affiliation/membership two weeks prior to the show date.

Your Main Fight card must be received by the UKMF administration seven days prior to the event.

The sanctioning fee for your show and any payments for belts must be received three weeks in advance. This is to ensure that your insurance certificate for the show is issued in time for your event, and that championship belts are also delivered for your show ontime. The exact name & address of the venue including the postcode must be forwarded at the same time, as this information is a very important requirement for your insurance certificate.

The appointed UKMF official must supervise and witness all fighters weighing in. On the day of the show, all officials must also be provided with a separate preparing area away from members of the public or competitors. Throughout the event officials must be adequately segregated from the audience and protected from any individuals who may have riotous intentions, or a desire to intentionally disturb the judges.


  • Medical Team
  • Adequate Boxing Ring
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Head-Guards
  • Shin-Guards
  • Adequate Time keeping Equipment, Bell
  • Runners (Collecting Fighters/ issuing gloves etc.)
  • Master of ceremonies


  • Show Sanctioning Fee Start at: £80 for £1M Cover. (Fee increases if attendees exceed 1,000).
    If you require higher cover please email us here for a quotation
  • Head Official (If Required): £100
  • Belt fees: £80
  • A, B or C Class Referees: £150 (1 Standard Fee)
  • B Class Referee: £125
  • C Class Referee: £100
  • A, B or C Class Judges: £90 (1 Standard Fee)
  • B Class Judge: £60
  • C Class Judge: £50

All the above also requires £5 per head for food if this is not provided by the venue. Additionally travelling expenses are 0.35p per mile (whilst every effort will be made to source officials close to your location this may not be possible).

In the event of a day before weigh in a head officials must be present to oversee the weigh in. Their duties will also include issuing outstanding & last minute licences, liasing with the promoters & helping to resolve problems or issues at the venue and finally, the overseeing of all other officials on the day of the show. Accommodation & £10 for meal will need to be provided in these circumstances for the head offical on the evening before the show.

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DBS Number

All gym members will be required to provide an up to date DBS (formally CRB number) when applying for membership. If you do not have a current DBS or Scottish Disclosure you can arrange these via ourselves.

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