Answer 1. Registration will be online at

The cost will be £25 (non-refundable).  The event date will be held on the 11th June 2022 at the Team Chongi Academy (Crewe). 

Answer 2. The event is open to both male and female athletes.  Age groups 10-11yrs, 12-13yrs, 14-15yrs, and 16-17yrs.  The standard International Federation of Muaythai Association (IFMA) weight categories will apply.

Answer 3.  Yes.  The minimum age is 10, however, we will accept any junior athlete aged 9 years old who will be 10 years old by the 9th August 2022.

Answer 4.  Yes. However, for any athlete to qualify for Team GB your gym will need to register as a UKMF Gym before your place can be confirmed.

Answer 5. No. Any valid licence will be acceptable as long as it is presented on the day.  Proof of age & licence will be required on the day. 

You will however need to purchase a UKMF Licence if you are selected for the squad.

Answer 6. The IFMA World Junior Championships tournament was scheduled for November 2022. IFMA very recently announced a change of date to August 2022, and due to the limited time available the decision was made to change the format from open championships contest format to a skills-based assessment.

Answer 7. It will include a medical assessment, weigh in, fitness test, drills and sparring.  Athletes will be given every opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for a place on the team.

Answer 8. Yes. However, space is very limited and we will not be able to accommodate all spectators.  Entry is free for parents and spectators

Answer 9. The Trials are being organised so that the UKMF can select a Junior GB Squad whom we can invite to participate in our athlete development program.  Along with regular squad training the athletes will be selected for Team GB to attend IFMA Events ranging from Individual Nationals (Such as Eindhoven Open), Continental (Such as Europeans or Baltics) or World Championships based on their eligibility and availability.

Answer 10. Yes. The GB Squad will be the larger pool of athletes from which Team GB Is selected.  For each tournament or event, a team will be selected based on the athletes eligible. Each event requires us to send out a general enquiry form once athletes have been short listed by the Selection Committee to ensure that: a) the athlete is available to attend: b) is fit for training at the time: C) has received no injuries that may affect their ability to compete safely.

Answer 11. The UKMF have a Team GB Selection Policy online which clearly sets out the various ways an athlete is selected and chosen for each tournament. A number of different criteria must be met which is detailed in the document.  Only one athlete can be selected for each weight category

Answer 12. Depending on the age, weight, experience, previous results and the other athletes in the Squad the Selection Committee will decide which category the athlete can be considered for.

Answer 13. The UKMF do not encourage any form of weight cutting.  We advise athletes and coaches to manage weight through a balanced diet, and structured training program to ensure safe and manageable weight control.  The emphasis on Team GB is to ensure our Youth enjoy the sport and have life changing experience through participation in Muaythai.

Answer 14. The Team GB Selection for Malaysia will start with an enquiry form being issued to those athletes, following the trials, which we feel are World Class or at a suitable level to be considered.  You must ensure you have the finances in place to cover the costs of taking part and be injury free to compete.  Athlete costs are around £2500

Answer 15. It is important to note that from the age of 12 years IFMA tournaments allow head contact.  Often UK athletes have little or no experience in these formats but are prepared to climatise through experience on the trips abroad.  IFMA have the best officials in the world and along with the experienced UKMF team we can quickly identify safety concerns when a fighter is being outclassed.

All parents and athletes should take note that participation in a contact sport should be done with informed consent.

Answer 16. Unfortunately, at present time we cannot fund selected athletes. We appreciate the costs are high due to the location, and the duration of the event, and for some athletes this will not be affordable, which is genuinely regrettable.  We will fully support athletes with their individual sponsorship opportunities. 

Answer 17. Generally, the trial weight category is only what we can consider you for as this will form the basis of a formal contract moving forward.  Where there is flexibility amongst the Squad the Selection Committee will decide what weight category and age group an invitation can be extended to, if your desired weight category is not allocated to another athlete.

Answer 18. If you are unable to attend and have a valid reason such as being injured or fighting elsewhere then as long as you are registered, we will still consider you on merit and previous experience on Team GB.  A formal request must be put in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and each individual case will be judged on its own merit.

Answer 19. We understand how disappointing and frustrating it is for an athlete who is not selected, however with the standard of international competition and the pressures of competing at that level, we must ensure that we select the most suitable athlete for the weight category.  If you are not selected there will be further opportunities in the future.  The UKMF will not be holding any formal appeals but if you would like some feedback then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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